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What are your thoughts about Banohat?

Banquets are a type of decoration found in old houses and ancient palaces, as they are considered one of the distinctive motifs of classical decoration. Bananas are wall decorations that take the form of a panel frame and are used to set apart a particular aspect of a home, such as a doorway or an inconspicuous side of a wall. It is commonly used by some families today as it reflects sophistication and luxury and gives the home an attractive antique look.

types of bathrooms

  • Gypsum baths, and this type is considered one of the lowest in terms of cost.
  • A wood stove, which is the traditional type or was the most common, as it is suitable for contact areas due to its durability;
  • The modern type, which is (GRC) or fiber cement, is currently one of the most expensive types of bathroom flooring because it is characterized by its high resistance to water and humidity, and is widely used in outdoor bathrooms of dwellings. and villas,
  • Fabric and Leather These types have recently started to appear as modern and contemporary uses of Banohat.

Several factors should be considered when choosing a bathroom design, including:

  • First, for high ceilings, it is preferable that the wall of the bay be largely covered in length and width. On the contrary, if the wall is low, it is better to use the bathroom only at the bottom of the wall.
  • The bathroom can be painted the same color as the wall or another color to make it stand out and make it more attractive. Its interior designs and indented carvings can also be painted in distinctive and different colors. Also, painting the curbs in gold color will give a luxurious feel of ancient palaces. In addition, gluing wallpaper inside will make the picture look like a panoramic frame.


You can easily choose classic panoramic designs suitable for modern taste. Only the choice of modern types, suitable materials and colors will breathe new life into an old design.

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