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How do you pick ceramics for your home?

Tile is an essential ally when it comes to creating any different home, and perhaps the most important thing is its hardness, colors and patterns. Therefore, there are factors to take into account before

choosing a ceramic tile:

1- Ceramic tile size

The choice of tile size for the room should be taken into account, as well as the nature of the room. For example, if the room is one room, it is better to choose a small tile, but the room is large, use a large or medium tile. Choose the size of the ceramic tile. For example, the living room is suitable for large ceramic tiles of about 60*60, while with limited space, the kitchen and bathroom are suitable for small or medium tiles if the space is a bit large.

In general, in addition to the carreaux tail is large.

2- Quality ceramics

There are tyrant colors and colors for all kinds of colors.

3- Ceramic tile design

This is an idea when choosing ceramic flooring and ceramic design for ceramic design in general decoration design, decoration design, decoration design, beautiful decoration, and room space such as space, because the patterns and designs can be suitable for large spaces for large spaces, empty space, but the designs are small small spaces.

4- ceramic color

That adapts the color of the wall and the general color of the furniture. ..

5- Price and quality

The most important data when choosing ceramics is price and quality.


When it comes to choosing ceramics for your home, when choosing ing, well, well, when choosing, choosing from tacks to artistic touches.

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