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Design concepts for the expansive garden that make use of “neglected” locations

The large garden of the house, after having been fitted out with an exterior town hall and having taken care of the vegetation therein, may include unused areas, especially in the corners. What are some decorating ideas to help fill these spaces with attractive design? elements of visual interest, in addition to benefiting from the aforementioned pillars in various functions? A question led, “Madam. Net” to interior design engineer, Najat Al-Hajj, and came back with the following.

How to take advantage of empty spaces in the garden?
Engineer Najat Al-Hajj says “Ms. Net” which “brings to life the corners or any “forgotten” or “dead” place in the garden of the house revalorizes the outdoor spaces”, calling to “think in a way that catches the eye, while obtaining the maximum advantages of the places available. »

A residential garden has two olive trees.

She proposes using decorative plants in this situation that have been sculpted into geometric forms or beautiful sculptures. She draws attention to the fact that the green “sculptures” might be scattered across the garden or be at the center. However, it is proper to plant a productive tree like an olive so that it becomes the focus of attention or to plant colorful, low-maintenance crops in order to increase the value of any “dead” aspect.

Pond in the “neglected” garden’s corner

In addition, the engineer calls for the use of illuminated pieces of art, which are available in the garden department, in most furniture fairs, or even design a pond in the garden from any organic material.

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