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The most recent reception wall decor: contemporary wall art

We struggle to decide which colors and wall decorations to use, especially given the wide range of wall decorations available, from etched to simple. However, before making a decision, you must first decide on the type of room, such as a kid’s room, a bedroom, or a reception area, each of which has a different wall shape. Then, take into consideration the furniture’s colors and style, whether traditional, modern, or classic, and don’t forget the floors’ colors. You may pick contemporary wall décor for your house with the aid of this article. Wall decorations and offer an integrated shape in the end.

The most recent reception wall decor: contemporary wall art

modern decorations for reception images

More recently, the han aparecido has been shaped and decorated with unusual parades that range from dark to bright, así como color austere. Algunos colores prizeieron más que otros, como el cashmere y el pastel, y el papel tapiz también tuvo una grand participation. We have gathered for you a collection of the latest wall decorations for the home.

Reception de paredes de pladur

One of the most novel decorations for the walls of the reception area and the most used nowadays are plasterboard walls, especially because they are made in a creative way like a painting. There are many different designs, but it is better if the display screen is placed on the wall or the old shelves are made of plasterboard. The design varies according to the space of the place and the size of the wall, and must be in harmony with the furniture and the colors of the pictures.

Wooden reception walls

Although this type of decoration is old in use, it is still widely used. Wooden panels are used to decorate the walls as well as to make shelves for placing decorations. There is more than one shade of wood, varying between dark and light. When choosing, wall paints and wood tones are matched so that the look becomes elegant.

wall foam shapes

One of the best wall decorations that has appeared recently is foam in its various shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. Among its forms are the following:

Bedroom foam shapes

There are foam designs made to match bedrooms. Multicolor, including soft pink, cream and beige, you can control the shape also during installation. So that they are cut in the form of squares, triangles or rectangles according to the desire and imagination of the person doing the installation.

Foam forms reception

Modern manufacturing techniques have led to the creation of foam shapes that are appropriate for guest welcome areas. You may select the interlocking plates, various colors, or just one color based on your preferences. Some individuals color certain body parts.

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