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Beautiful types of doors

The door is the front of the house and the first thing any guest finds in the house, so choosing the perfect door is very important. For this, there are many types and shapes of doors, be it the front door of the house or the doors of different rooms in the house.
Before choosing the perfect door for your home, first decide on the decor of the whole house and then think about a door that will go with that decor. your house
Choosing a door for the front of the house, it is better to choose a door of a color completely different from the color of the wall. For example, if the wall is painted white, you can choose a yellow door so that the color of the door is different and does not dissolve with the color of the wall (background). If the background color is orange, then you can choose a light red door so that the door is visible even from a distance and thereby beautifies the design of the house.

types of doors

There are many different door designs, here are a few.

By type.

Wooden door

Wood is often chosen as the main component of many doors due to its high quality, high strength and extreme hardness.

iron door

Stronger and gives you extreme protection. The iron door is the most luxurious and glamorous. It is often chosen for its distinctive design and modern look.

steel door

Greater protection and a more modern design. It may not be the most popular, but it certainly gives you the best protection.

fiberglass door

At the design level.
one door
The most common design and this type helps a lot in small spaces.

double door

Better design but need more space. It is suitable for luxurious and luxurious houses and villas as it gives a distinctive elegance and occupies a large area.

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