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Three plants to spruce up the backyard garden

The less demanding varieties of houseplants should be planted in the yard or garden, and the latter should be complemented with lovely hues, leaves, and blooms that encourage in-depth thought. What kinds of plants thrive best in a backyard garden in a hot climate?

plants in outdoor gardens

1 “Al-Dand” or “Croton” is an excellent Indonesian plant for the vegetable garden, wherever it is found. It will grow until its leaves reach one meter in height, and it will not be affected by sunlight or rain. Additionally, dandelions don’t seem fussy when it comes to care, but do require planting in well-drained soil and will thrive in a sunny or partial shade location. In this context, it is desirable to plant a group of “loops” in basins arranged next to each other to create a natural fence, or to distribute the plant near the pond, or to create a path of “loops”. ..

2 Tropical “pentas” have other names, such as: “star flower”, “Egyptian star flower” or “star cluster”… The star-shaped five-petalled “pentas” flowers attract butterflies, they bloom in groups of intense colors (red, pink, purple and white) all summer long.

The plant that grows in ponds can withstand any temperature, even the desert. It keeps growing in the best conditions since it appreciates sunlight.

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