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Ideas for beautiful outdoor gardens

With the advent of summer, the outdoor seating looks beautiful in the gardens of the house, which draws attention to the design of this space, in order to provide comfort for sitting. In this context, “Señora. Net” offers a set of tips to help design outdoor home gardens.

Outdoor landscaping methods.

Summer house flowerbed decoration with stairs at day

Before designing the garden of the house, its geometric shape must be taken into account

  • Before designing a family garden, its geometric shape must be taken into account, whether it extends in length, width or angles.
    The garden of the house likes to include several levels, if the space is spacious.
    According to summer fashion 2022, the most popular outdoor furniture colors are neutral colors, including: gray and beige.
    It is preferable to use local materials in the design of the outdoor garden while keeping the environment in mind.
    It is necessary to choose thicker fabrics for outdoor sofas to withstand various climatic factors.
    If you design a pergola, flowers and plants are distributed in pots suspended from the ceiling.
    The garden floor, which replaces the session floor, is paved with stone (or concrete or wood and grass together).
  • It is preferable to choose bright colors inspired by the atmosphere of summer nature for the textiles of pillows, accessories, plates and cups.

outdoor garden design ideas

Arrange plants and flowers in the form of an attractive ladder.

  • The arrangement of plants and flowers in the form of a staircase is striking, with the need to design paths between the flowers.
  • The outdoor seating is designed under tall trees and the chairs are placed in a semicircle.
  • It is good to add a hammock to the outdoor seating, choosing its size according to the available space, bearing in mind that the hammock follows the same principle as the sofas, because it combines different materials in its design, especially iron and bamboo.
  • A waterfall is placed on the main wall of the outer space, where the water flows over the stone and pours into a pool below the wall.
  • Decorate the garden with accessories, including urns filled with colorful flowers.
  • The lighting units were installed under the plants, with the choice of yellow (for lighting) in an attractive way with the vegetation. On the other hand, the blue color of the lighting suits him well.
  • A wide path is allocated around the pool which is designed in the garden so that leaves and plants do not fall into it.
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