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With the desarrollo y aparición de modernas tecnologías y métodos de relajación y recreación, the tendency to acquire a swimming pool has been converted into one of the ultimate forms of recreation and comodidad en familia, ya que le da a moderno, creativo y distintivo a toque foyer. .

Swimming pools vary in shapes and sizes, as there are many shapes, such as rectangular, square, circular and spherical, and multiple shapes to suit all tastes and spaces. There is more than one swimming pool company in Egypt and around the world that prepares, designs and maintains swimming pools if required. As swimming pool companies are spread all over the world.

There are also prefabricated pools without drilling or fittings that can be installed immediately and are available in all sizes. One of the precautions to be taken when building a swimming pool is to allocate the place for children at a shallower depth for greater safety and protection. Plastic pools can also be used inexpensively. Where children can practice swimming in a safe environment away from the dangers they face in clubs.

The design of your swimming pool depends on several factors, including the location of the pool and its surroundings, such as landscaping, and the nature of its use. There are different models of swimming pools suitable for all uses. There are pool designs suitable for therapeutic purposes, and here it is recommended that the pool be 120cm deep. If it is for entertainment and relaxation, the recommended average depth is 150 cm to provide more relaxation and leisure, and here the pool takes up more space and can be decorated with more than one small fountain with different shapes and colors of lights. You can take advantage of the distinctive modern shape that the swimming pool adds to hold parties beside it, which saves the labor costs of parties in private rooms and hotels.

You can choose the design of the swimming pool according to the style of your house, whether it is classic or modern style. The combination of the use of ceramics in its attractive colors with the pools gives rise to the presence of a harmonious texture that helps to relax and attracts attention. You can also use some small statues next to it.

By exposing the pool to the sun for at least 5 hours a day, it keeps the water warm without the need for electric or natural gas heating, reducing the cost needed.

The cost of the swimming pool varies depending on the size, installation and equipment used. Swimming pool specialists specializing in the construction and installation of swimming pools offer a multitude of offers adapted to everyone and their needs.

We can say that recently the trend of installing swimming pools in Britain has increased, and many swimming pool companies in Britain are looking to provide the best deals with the latest designs to their customers. For more information and the latest pool designs, you can visit our website ieatr.


The swimming pool is the most characteristic of the exterior gardens of the houses, and there are many types and shapes of swimming pools, since they differ in depth and in terms of the material used, whether ceramic or plastic. The size and depth of the pool is determined by the surrounding outdoor garden, and the pool can be used not only for recreation but also for therapeutic purposes.

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