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Do you dare to paint your house’s ceiling black?

Many of us cringe at the thought of hearing the color black and seeing it as a dark color that evokes feelings of disappointment and sadness. However, in this article we are going to change your perception of black and make you prefer it to other colors and choose it in your interior decoration, especially when painting ceilings and walls.

It should also be noted that interior designers often use black to hide certain flaws and give an aesthetic tone to the space. Therefore, the trend lately is “bold and changeable” and breaking the norms to create something new and modern. One of the most important reasons why you should choose black in home decoration.

1- Add a touch of harmony and balance to the room

Black color can unite the dispersion of the room and combine the different colors of the furniture and display them in a harmonious painting, as well as create a charming harmony for the overall atmosphere of the room.

2- optical illusion

Using a few decorative tricks, including the use of plaster frames, allows you to control how close and far the ceiling is when you look at it using the color black.

3- Add an interesting touch to the room

When you paint the ceiling black, you add a touch of class and sophistication to the room that draws attention and makes it architecturally interesting.

4- Separate the pieces from each other

If your house has a large area and you do not know how to distinguish the rooms. The best solution for you here is to paint the ceiling black and solve this dilemma without resorting to different curtains or rugs to brighten up the room or make room dividers.


Black is no longer a color that makes you sad, you just need a few little tricks to create a distinctive color coating and give a modern aesthetic touch to a room, whether it is painting the ceiling or the wall. In addition, the general atmosphere of the room should be considered, as well as the selection of the appropriate lighting units.

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