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Wabi Sabi decoration app from Japan

Wabi sabi is a Japanese term that literally means “modest beauty.” This philosophy is to see perfection in things that are imperfect and to see beauty in things that are less beautiful.

When it comes to Wabi Sabi decor app, you give up the pursuit of perfection and the obsession that society has become with the pursuit of perfection in everything. .

In this article, the ieatr blog offers ideas to help you apply Wabi Sabi decor to your home.

Handmade ornaments.

Using simple decorative pieces, especially handmade ones, is one way to apply wabi sabi decoration, because handmade items have a special beauty that you cannot find in expensive decorative pieces. .

Get rid of the clutter.

Ornament Wabi Sabi does not mean chaos. Contrary to what some might think imperfection means chaos, this term evokes more simplicity and the search for beauty. So to apply Wabi Sabi decoration you have to get rid of the clutter in the house and work on making your home calm and comfortable.

nature elements.

Natural elements are one of the main elements in the decoration of wabi sabi, they are inexpensive materials that convey a sense of comfort, joy and create an atmosphere of positive emotions in the house with the simplest materials. It is enough to put a few plants, for example, in simple wooden pots.

Dear homogeneity.

Wabi Sabi is all about placing your favorite decorative pieces without paying much attention to whether they match the room’s décor. Only excessive uniformity makes the house united and whole. Therefore, this philosophy aims to make the house more livable than the museum.

From the above, you can apply the Wabi Sabi decoration to your home.

ieatr blog always helps you to know the different types of decoration around the world.

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