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The decorations for 2019 are largely in neutral tones.

Decor colors, like all fashions, change with each season, and at the beginning of each year, certain decor colors begin to appear in an ingenious way, and interior designers and furniture designers begin to pay special attention to them and use them in new forms. Shapes we haven’t seen before. :

So if you are interested in modern décor or plan to finish your apartment in early 2019. In this article, Tiles Tools blog presents a list of designer colors for 2019.

decor colors 2019.

soft grey;

Of course, towards the end of the year, I noticed that gray was starting to be used a lot in decor, especially in paint colors, it’s a calm, neutral color that can be used with many colors without being too obvious like black and white. … . Gray will be one of the main décor colors for 2019 and will begin to be used in all kinds of furniture and fixtures in different ways.

Light clay.

Terracotta is a great alternative to beige and brown, it replaces them but adds a nice touch of light while remaining elegant and subtle. It is also a neutral color that can be used with any other color and in any room. Terracotta is one of the 2019 decor colors that will be featured in the 2019 decors.

Mushroom color.

The color of the mushroom is new and different in color, it is brown mixed with the color of mice. Mushroom is also a neutral color and is considered one of the latest decor colors of 2019 and can be used for both girls’ and boys’ bedrooms and will suit both. It can also be used in the living room or hall and will give you an elegant and attractive look.

misty blue

If you are a dreamer or you are looking for peace in the house that you are missing after moving out. Misty blue is a calming color suitable for people seeking comfort and peace. Misty blue will be one of the main decor colors for 2019, and because it is a soft and calm color, it can be considered a fairly neutral color.


The trend of pastel colors is not new, but continues in the multi-colored decoration of 2019, but the novelty is the use of pastel shades of certain colors in harmony and coordination with their clear shades, such as blue, mustard, purple, etc. Colors

Neutral colors dominate the decor color trends for 2019, and they’re different from the neutrals we’re used to in the past, like black and white, but new shades and colors that haven’t been used much before.

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