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Make your house winter-ready.

Winter is approaching, and since we still spend most of our time indoors escaping the cold outside, you need to provide your family members with warm weather they can roam around in the house.

ieatr will give you simple but effective tips that will help you create a warm climate for your family in winter.

  • Your choice of colors is very important because colors have a strong effect on the psychological state of people, ie cool colors like blue and white, light colors and countries to avoid and warm colors like red, orange and yellow and countries try to use them as often as possible in winter,
  • Replace light curtains like muslin for the summer with a heavy curtain for the winter made of velvet with this cape. Also use shades of dark brown and beige for the curtains.
  • You’ll also want to use new mattresses for the beds, sofas, and pillowcases, with the same velvet and leather materials that add warmth to the home.
  • Of course, heating is one of the basic needs in winter, whether it is fire heating or electric heating, because it is always at the end of the day
  • Fill your home with flowers in bright yellow, red and orange colors that will give it a wonderful feeling of warmth and warmth,
  • Of course, if the floors of your home are ceramic, you should cover them with thick carpets in dark and warm colors, as we explained earlier. If the floors are parquet, there is no need to cover it because it keeps the house warm.

There are many things that you can use around the house as accessories to make it feel warm and cozy. Here we have discussed important ideas for preparing the house for winter.

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