Doors and Windows

different kinds of windows

1 windows on the door

Because the hinges are located on the right or left side and open outward by sliding the handle, these windows may be used similarly to doors.

These windows, in addition to being completely closed, provide adequate ventilation since they do not leak air and do not prevent noise from entering.

2- Windows with double hinges

These windows are made up of two panels that swing horizontally open and closed.

Opening the top and bottom of the window allows cool air to naturally move through and heated air to leave from the top.

3- Windows that are fixed

just a fixed window that provides a view of the outside but is not an opening.

Of course, air cannot enter through these windows. These windows’ modest size only illuminates a small portion of the room it faces, but their big size reflects enough light to illuminate the whole room.

4-Fourth-floor windows

Despite the fact that the hinges are secured from the top, they resemble casement windows.

These windows glide down when we open them, allowing us to do so even in the rain.

5- Sliding windows

Windows that open by moving a moveable panel to the right or left.

It may be put in the hallways, for example, because it is simple to open and does not need to be opened outward. However, it can only be opened from one side.


These are the most significant window varieties, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even installation locations. As a result, you must select windows that are appropriate for each room in terms of design, size, and even how they are opened, as this has a significant impact on your home’s decor.

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