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5 ways to utilize décor to boost the lighting in your home

Generally, areas without windows or sunlight will be dark or have less light than the rest of the house. And because dark places increase depression and mental disorders, you need to find a solution to provide lighting yourself.

As we said before, the decorator has found a solution to all problems. That is why, in this article, ieatr will provide tips for increasing the illumination of rooms with decoration:

  • Paint the ceiling white, not off-white, beige or cream, and paint it pure white. A white ceiling is known to make a room seem taller, but what is not known is that it increases the lightness and brightness of a room.
  • However, mirrors also save more space of the place because they also reflect the light and thus provide illumination of the place.
  • If we are talking about furniture or bathroom furniture, then we should choose mattresses that are small, simple and as transparent as possible. Heavy, large mattresses stifle the room. Also, if you can, try white because it is the color that reflects the most light. Metallic colors also reflect light sources,
  • In addition, dark carpets significantly reduce the lighting in the room. It may feel simple, but if you try to replace a darker rug with a lighter one, or a light-colored rug, you will break out the brightness and make a huge difference in lighting the entire room.
  • As for painting the walls of the room itself, they should also be in light colors, and if you want to focus and draw attention to a certain need or a certain aspect of caution, then you should paint them in a lighter color than the rest. from the room. the fourth. The use of pastel colors will be excellent.

ieatr is a specialist finishing company that will always help you use your décor to solve any refinishing or renovation issue you may have.

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