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Stone walls for a touch of luxury and modernity

If you are a fan of renovation and new modern decorations, you will definitely look for a new necessity to use in finishing when painting the walls of the house, or something that will be an alternative to ceramics, marble and porcelain in the bathroom and kitchen. .

ieatr offers stone walls:

The advantages and advantages of using stones in finishes and its effect on the house.

  • It is characterized by hardness, durability and high resistance,
  • Add a touch of warmth and elegance to the apartment’s overall look.
  • The use of light-colored stones gives the house a bright look, especially when the rest of the walls are painted in light colors like it.
  • Using marble on one side of the walls that will be stoneware is a luxury and a very soft natural look for the house,
  • Stones combine with modern and classic decor, and this is one of their main characteristics that make them suitable for most apartments.
  • Unlike the differences, their prices are not very high, of course, they vary by type, but you will find the price difference,
  • If you decide to use stones on several walls and on the ceiling, this will give you the feeling of being in a cave in the middle of nature and increase the feeling of warmth in the house.
  • You can use stones on the wall of the master bathroom with decorative mirrors and appropriate lighting, and you will have a luxurious and beautiful bathroom,
  • The use of stones is very suitable for bathrooms because it is not affected by water and steam,
  • Although the decor of your home is based on simplicity, calm and a uniform color such as white for example, the use of stones on one side of the walls will break the routine of the house and give it a modern and distinctive atmosphere. In your home. a house.

The best thing about stones is that you can use them to combine modern decor with vintage designs.

Find a finishing company like ieatr to help you finish your apartment with the latest materials.

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