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Ideas for gypsum decorations for TV

Tiles and Tools takes care of the decoration of each room and corner of the house, and choosing where to place the TV is always boring and it is what requires the least attention in decoration, that is why in this article I bring you the latest decoration ideas for TV Here you will find plaster decoration ideas for TV and its features. disguise:

  • When you get to the caution side, which will be the place of the plaster TV, you can shape the design you like according to your mood, and then you can allocate a place for cables and wires. , which were always present, making the overall look uncomfortable for the eyes,
gypsum decor
  • Using gypsum, you can make decorations using different materials such as glass, refractory bricks, wood, marble, etc., and form perforated decorations with them.
  • Playing with accessories is important in this place, make up the shapes of accessories you like, for example: figurines, vases, flowers or even frames. But keep in mind that the most noticeable thing is the TV itself, and the rest of the decorations and accessories are pretty much cut-out,
  • Lighting is also one of the factors to consider when decorating a TV with plasterboard. The projector and LED technology are often used in the design for an attractive antebellum look.
gypsum decor tv
  • You should also make sure that the colors used in the plaster design are consistent with the colors of the rest of the room.

There are still many ideas with which you can make a stucco decoration of your TV house to your taste. Follow us to always be informed of the news.

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