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Armored doors for a more secure life

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of wooden doors, glass doors, and many more. There are also armored doors that are the first choice for those looking for safety and security, and their use may have been limited in the past to palaces and villas, but it has recently begun to spread to apartments and various residential units for cars; It provides a layer of security and protection for the residents.

In this article, the ieatr blog discusses the benefits of armored doors and all the details about them.

Features of armored doors:

  • It is characterized by safety, quality and durability.
  • It has a distinctive and attractive shape.
  • against stealing
  • The door can be soundproof.
  • Various sizes, colors and models.
  • You can’t open a security door with a fake key copy
  • Some doors cannot be copied from their keys
  • If you try to open the door by force, the armored doors make a noise and noise, making theft impossible.
  • The armored doors are also distinguished by their resistance to dust, and they are enclosed in a solid rubber frame.

What about the types of armored doors?

There are many types on the market, including Turkish, which is one of the best and most expensive, and Chinese, which is the cheapest, and there are also Malaysian, Italian and Egyptian anti-explosion doors.

Configuration of armored doors.

Laminated doors are usually composed of several layers, the outer layer or sheet is mainly MDF, and the filling is sound-absorbing rock wool, and also consists of another layer of laminated metal sheet, the thickness of which varies from one company to another.

So it is worth noting that you should not rely on using wooden doors, then installing an iron door if you are looking for protection and security. Using armored doors will save you from this inconvenience and ensure the security and protection you are looking for. for.

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