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Design and installation of handles

Door handles are an automated system that helps open and close doors, as well as a tight closing mechanism. The handles are usually made of metal, nickel or copper. The handle consists of a charm, a lever, a ratchet and a keyhole cover, while the more advanced handle consists of a suitable locking mechanism and various designs.

Handle Installation

The handle is always installed a few centimeters from the edge of the door, and according to the dimensions and calculations, the ideal location is in the center of the door. But the place can change depending on the shape of the decoration or the different colors.

favorite fists

The choice of a door handle depends on the culture and decoration taste of each city. In Europe, tastes tend to use long knobs, while in America, tastes tend to use round knobs. In commercial buildings you will often find long knobs as they are easier to use and are a measure.

types of handle

There are many types of handles used in commercial buildings and residential buildings. These are the most important types of mangoes:

  • Entrance: These buttons are usually located at the entrance and exit doors of buildings.
  • Special handles: They are used on bathroom and bedroom doors and have a hermetic closing mechanism.
  • Step Knobs – These are simple knobs used on cabinet doors and living room doors.

Manipulate layouts in Tiles and Tools

Tiles and Tools provides all the necessary tools for residential and commercial buildings. In the tile and tool catalog, there are many types of buttons. We have famous suppliers and brands. The door handles are gold, copper, red oxide, silver, and yellow oxide. We have round and elongated knobs with simple and elegant designs, latches and hinges for doors.

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In this article you will find all about the designs and types of handles and comments about the installers, as well as the handles that are commonly used in certain countries. In addition to the different types of handles that I have in the electronic catalog of Tiles and Tools.

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