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Common errors to avoid when dressing a window in your home

We all have a different approach and perspective when it comes to home decorating. The design and decoration of the house in general and the windows in particular reflect the personality of the individual according to his nature and the extent of his need for comfort and reassurance. There are people who like to take advantage of the window and decorate it in a beautiful and attractive way to add an aesthetic touch to the house. On the contrary, some believe that the window is only a source of noise and inconvenience for them; It is completely useless.

It should be noted that windows add joy, touch and aesthetic atmosphere to the house if they are used correctly, but despite the importance of windows, there are some common mistakes that should be known and avoided when decorating windows, which are:

1- Exaggeration in decoration

When decorating windows, keep in mind not to confuse and combine many inconsistent colors with various fabrics and accessories.

2- Neglecting the luminous element

Harmony and harmony between the general decoration of the house and the use of colors is an essential element to create an aesthetic atmosphere in the room. The lighting reflects the color of the wall. Therefore, the appropriate colors should be chosen according to the lighting in the room. Of course, lighting and color are complementary elements to show the beauty of the window in particular and the room in general.

3- Location

The location of the window is one of the important factors that contribute to the beauty of the room in general, so it must be used well. The location of the window varies, if it is in the middle of the room, if it is on the right or left side of the room. Therefore, the furniture must be placed and arranged in proportion to the location of the window.


The window is an important part of the house, it adds an atmosphere of happiness and comfort and opens a door to the outside world for you. Therefore, it must be well decorated to feel comfortable.

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