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10 suggestions for decorating your home for Ramadan

While you are fully preparing to receive the holidays and occasions, you must also prepare your home to receive the occasions in the best way. Ramadan decorations, for example, are distinctive and have a special character that gives the house a special character that brings calm, comfort and a sense of the spirituality of the holy month.

In this article, ieatr will help you decorate your home with special Ramadan decorations.

Ramadan decor ideas for home decor:

  • Incense is one of the things that evoke the spirituality of Ramadan. So put a large incense burner in the corner of the house with a fragrant scent that your family members prefer. Just make sure no member of your family has an allergy.
  • At the entrance to the house hang a large poster or a plaque containing a Quranic verse, and next to it hang Ramadan decorations such as lights, banners and lanterns.
  • Buy new mattresses and pillows with Ramadan designs and decorations, and put them in the corners of the house on chairs and tables.
  • Equipping a corner for prayer and equipping it with a comfortable and wonderful carpet, as well as equipping the corner with a glowing incense burner with dimming the lighting in the corner to increase the feeling of reverence in prayer.
  • The lantern is one of the most important aspects of Ramadan decorations. So you can place several lamps of different sizes and in a uniform arrangement on the floor or on one of the tables,
  • Hang large phosphorescent pools to create a beautiful atmosphere in the house.
  • You can also buy a new large carpet with Ramadan patterns and attractive colors,
  • Among the decorations of Ramadan is also placing candles that light them on the Iftar and Suhoor table.
  • You can make Ramadan decorations yourself at home, just make paper cut-outs in the form of crescents and stars and color them with your children, tie them and hang them on one of the walls of the house.
  • Family members often gather in the living room during breakfast and after breakfast to watch TV and talk to each other. So, prepare the living room by lighting lanterns, hanging Ramadan decorations, and arranging dishes with dates, kunafa, Qatayef and Ramadan juices.

Ramadan decorations are simple and easy to install. Here are 10 easy ideas to add Ramadan ambiance to your home.

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