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Tricks and tips for home decor flaws

Simple decorating tips can help us with some obvious design and construction mistakes.

At first, you have to choose the right colors for the place. If the room is narrow and small, avoid dark colors and use light colors that give a sense of spaciousness, and avoid wallpapers that are full of large, multi-pattern patterns and botox patterns.

As for the low ceiling, it is necessary to paint the ceiling and walls together in white, because it gives a sense of spaciousness, and striped wallpaper can also be chosen with the meaning “along the stream”, which gives the illusion of ceiling height.
In the case of a high ceiling, the ceiling can be painted in a dark color and large fixtures can be added to reduce or amplify the perceived height.

Portions are also an important station that cannot be ignored. The rooms should be used to meet the needs of the characteristics of the house, whether for storage or to create an aesthetic appearance.

The home’s decorative pieces must also be kept in balance by being consistent in size while maintaining the overall setting and style of the home.

When it comes to furniture, the furniture should be easy to move and move to facilitate the process of cleaning the premises. This is in addition to respecting a certain style of furniture and coordinating the colors between them.
And when choosing accessories and antiques, it is very necessary to match the spirit and character of the place, because the old style is full of paintings and writing frames for the gentle professions of artists. While the modern style is based on a simple and unadorned frame.
Plants also play an essential role in interior decoration. Simple touches of flowers and natural greenery can transform rooms in a home.

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